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English translation

Dear delegate, we invite you to the capital of Armenia, Yerevan, to participate in the International Forum organized by the Mothers of Armenia for the Salvation of Humanity. 

Why Armenia? Of course, we would be happy if our forum took place in major world centers with the participation of a large number of mothers and high but it depends on the possibilities. Why Armenian mothers? First, everyone knows that the Armenian people are spread all over the world, they have a large Diaspora, and for that reason, who, if not we, know the specifics of life in different countries, actually from the inside? Our eyes are all over the world and we understand that the leaders of each state protect their interests that each nation has its own traditions, and although our spiritual and moral approaches differ in many ways, we do not blame anyone. Second, over the past 30 years, mothers have seen everything: famine, war, false patriotism justifying many senseless losses, sanctions, corruption, “legal” theft... Yes, we gather in a wounded Armenia, which still has losses, territorial disputes, political turmoil and provocations, but is ready to pass the baton of kindness and faith to all peoples, reborn from the fire. However, we must understand the role and importance of the mother on the earth, the importance of educating her own children, because today those children, falling into the hands of the vicious system, are oriented and brought up on the false values that have brought the world into chaos. No one has analyzed why this happened. According to mythology, 5000 years ago a woman, having tasted the fruit of wisdom, love and fertility became a mother and the sons she raised created powerful empires: Sumerian, Egyptian, and Roman. And 2000 years ago, distorting the role of the mother, they invented that the mother can be an incubator to carry the fetus. Two “virtuous foreign women” appeared in Jerusalem, one of whom, most importantly, without love, without knowing who gave birth to a “holy” child by “air-drop” method. And every year the whole world celebrates the Son’s birthday, but where is the mother who gave birth to him? What happened to him? Was he loved later and did he love? Did she give birth to another child in love? By pushing the role of the mother into the background and taking away from her the upbringing of noble sons and daughters, they destroyed all the admirable empires and civilizations. We do not intend to offend anyone’s religious feelings, everyone has the right to believe who and what they want. We simply want to observe that all our common plagues began with the distortion of the role and significance of the mother. After all, the mother is the beginning and foundation of humanity. It has a great role in the education of those children who will take the planet into their own hands, be they politicians, scientists or workers. By the way, the first sprouts of evil – usury, commodity exchanges, and banks were also founded in times unknown to us. During those many years, we were deprived of the right to love and be loved, to educate our children morally and spiritually. For now, they have left us only the privilege of carrying and giving birth to children. Maybe they won’t leave it tomorrow. It may seem like a fantasy to you today, but we believe that the “breakthrough in science” and the “creation of an artificial human incubator” are not far behind. We are not against the development of innovative technologies, but they should work for the benefit of people. Most of the technologies, especially the artificially created ones, do work for personal gain, and where there is personal gain, there are wars and the destruction of humanity. That is why we demand to return our world human face and soul, with human intelligence / today everyone talks only about that artificial “intelligence”. And is it possible to introduce morality, spirituality and the human soul in general into that artificial intelligence? Will humanity finally sell its soul to the devil? Arbak Khachatryan addressed that topic more than once / to be honest with you, we didn’t know how to introduce our friend. He is really concerned about such determinants as a leader, an ideological inspirer, that is why we will call him our great friend and simply the ideologue of our team/. You have to study his whole life in order to discover a very small part of what is in him (soon you will see for yourself). Our friend has always noted that human vices, the eternal struggle between good and evil, Hell was described best by Goethe in his philosophical work “Faust”. However, the need to present that work with a modern interpretation has matured. According to Arbak Khachatryan, Goethe would never have believed that man would become worse than Satan and change places with him. And the latter will have to urgently close his “infernal kingdom”, and God will have to urgently save his

fallen Son from the dark and vile human souls. As a result, restless human souls wander in vain between the closed heaven and hell, giving birth to the chaos of the world. Today, the role of the mother, as the person responsible for the human origin, is to correct the mistakes of the sons she gave birth to (leaders of countries, politicians, diplomats, financiers, builders, workers, etc.) that brought the world to this state. A thorny road awaits us ahead. However, we are ready to go through it, because we understand that tomorrow will be too late. But the most dangerous thing is that today’s society does not believe in the real danger of universal disaster and destruction of humanity. Even the corona virus and wars could not calm people down. Society is now disoriented, people do not believe in anyone or anything. We can no longer distinguish where the information is true and where it is not.

First of all, journalists and bloggers are responsible for this. Information has become a propaganda tool in the hands of the government and influential groups, objective information is limited or silenced. There are honest, thoughtful people on Earth, true patriots and professionals, whose work, as a rule, remains invisible to “mass viewers”. We don’t need cheap PR. We invite you not to populist promises, not to slogans, but to facts. Dear participants of the forum, please get acquainted with the information below. Our friend analyzes world events and gives accurate geopolitical forecasts 5-10-20 years ahead. Claims that if states do not reorient the economy to serve the people and do not take immediate measures against the scum who are ready to sacrifice states and human resources for the sake of their own supremacy and trillions, humanity will reach a point of no return. Many of his articles and interviews on important world events can be found on freely accessible websites on the Internet. He wrote the first open letters to

Vladimir Putin back in 2003-04. He was writing while sitting in Lefortovo with the false accusation /initiated by the then political leadership of the Republic of Armenia. The letter contained the prediction of relations with Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and what is particularly painful for the author, Armenia with the Artsakh issue. Our ideologist put all the blame on the deputies and their guardians from the Center and warned: “Strategic issues such as the Caspian oil pipeline and gas pipeline are expected in the near future. I think that there will be similar problems with Ukraine as well, where antiRussian sentiments are gradually growing...” He advised hanging the leaders of Ukraine and Armenia at that time, Yanukovych and Sargsyan, in order to avoid today’s events / see the article “Predictions come true”/. Back in 2014 the geopolitical scientist warned in his article “Ukraine: the situation should be considered in a combination of many factors” that the turbulence of the world will start from Ukraine. “Ukrainian events can become a stimulus for changing the global and financial system.” A multi-volume publication could be written about the political activity and predictions of our ideologist. During the forum, you will get to know more extensively, with the facts that speak for themselves. But forum participants can already get an idea today by reading in detail “Predictions Come True”, “Blue Sky Instead of Nightmare”, “On the Brink of Nuclear Winter”, “X Time Has Come”, “When the

Wicked World Collapses, There’s a Chance to Create a Just Government” form”, “Only the united light can nail the darkness in which we found ourselves” and so on. We believe that by restoring humanity, i.e. the role and importance of the mother in society, and returning the lost values, we will succeed in changing the negative vision and trends, influencing technology, politicians’ decisions and the quality of life of future generations. If our organized International Forum helps you to believe in your own strength, it will be our first joint victory.

For delegates: when asked why Mr. Khachatryan stood up next to mothers, he noticed that from the moment when a woman tasted the fruit of wisdom and through love became a mother, for him there is no prophet in the world more authoritative than Mother.

P.S. Our initiative group would like to thank the <<Аргументы Недели>> publishing house, for the publication of the unconventional appeal/call of the Mothers of the International Forum, during which, for the first time the issues, that have arisen due to world chaos will be discussed. Mothers living in powerful states, including in countries at war and relying on the voice of reason and compassion towards other people’s suffering, are obliged to influence the adoption of the right decisions by their states. And most importantly, if God lets the Earth survive, we must do our best to get all states to have programs, related to the upbringing of children in all children’s institutions, as an axiom, be based on family values and parental love, while not violating and building on national traditions


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